Negotiating Sale May Be Toughest Part

When you’ve found a buyer, the realtor can be the go between.

You don’t want to wait to consider it, so you need to complete the sale. To market and sell your home, financial negotiation should be a part of the plan.

When pricing your home, an appraisal is advised. Although that may be costly, it’s something the buyer will need to secure a loan and can be included as part of the sales price, if the lender is agreeable. It’s a good investment either way.

If the appraisal tells you about any flaws, fix them and try to get a higher price. Needing repairs will make the buyer haggle the price.

When pricing your home, you may need to set the figure at the appraised value if the housing market is particularly weak. You may can set your price slightly higher than the appraisal. Take notes on the benefits and features overlooked by the appraisal. You could include things about the school district, landscaping, and the neighborhood.

Try to find out the buyer’s motivation. Do not share yours. If you know what is motivating their purchase, you can emphasize how your home meets their needs.

Be prepared with your side of the argument. Practice presentation. These include saying they’ll need their attorney, parent, etc., to look over the property/agreement, constant picking for details, and trial offers such as “Would you take…” You should be better prepared than the buyer or his/her agent because you know your property. They will be talking about other homes and making assumptions.

The toughest part may be being prepared to walk away. If you’ve done your preparation, you know what your home is worth and what price you can accept. Be prepared to turn down any offers that are unacceptable, whether in price or terms. Any adjustments you make should be tolerable. If they are serious, they should change their mind, so don’t feel bad for turning down offers.

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